• 2001 Volkswagen Bora 2.8 V6 4MOTION

    2001 Volkswagen Bora 2.8 V6 4MOTION

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    2013-06-23 15:42:24
    im briefly go through these parts as its abit long winded and not very entertaining haha

    outside my mates lockup.
    parts collecting.
    prepping for the conversion

    oem loom and ecu

    engine code CDL

    1.8t mounts to chop up

    filthy little 1.8t BAM 6spd gearbox with transfer box
    gave it a clean and then VHT wrinkle paint in black

    and a poser pic haha

    so, for some time now my traction control light has been playing up, it just wouldnt go away. Pure laziness on my part to be honest, somehow thinking that the problem will fix itself if i just ignored the issue

    Haldex Internal memory or somethingmajig and apparently my haldex controller is kaput. I wont be upgrading to the Blue version just yet as money is really tight as it is, but that will be on the cards come Stage2+ towards the end of the year

    and my brakes arrived too, just need a hellova clean

    that summer ass pic

    a few more parts arrived in the post today

    Compbrake Shortshifter

    and THS Front Mount Intercooler (Revo Edition)

    and then everything off to Olly who'll be doing my conversion. (those who dont know, ollys abit of a legend haha)

    oh and my custom loom and ecu coded for the tfsi engine is all here

    picked up a nice new Audi tts engine cover to go on as the s3 one is abit rank

    k04 flange

    revo intake

    and so it all begins!
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