• 2001 Volkswagen Bora 2.8 V6 4MOTION

    2001 Volkswagen Bora 2.8 V6 4MOTION

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    2013-06-23 15:32:33
    right so, for a good few months ive been searching to buy a new engine. The v6 engine sounds bloody good but it just doesnt shift so even before buying the car i knew i would be taking out the motor and using the 4wd for a newer engine and more power.
    The engine of choice is a 2.0TFSI out of a 2011 Audi S3 with only 9000miles on the clock. The engine is also shared in the new MK6 Golf R and the Audi TTS also.

    the 2.8 v6 i have currently is thirsty, has no real grunt, drinks a lot, doesnt really sound like a 3.2, heavy and i never liked n/a engines to be honest. i rarely see over 22mpg on a day to day basis

    the S3 tfsi has 65bhp more as standard, will seem more reasonable on petrol and even if it drinks loads, at least its returning 100bhp more after a remap so feels worth while and even still, it'll probably return better mpg after remap too. its not all-sound-and-no-pound, and theres still room to play if i wanted to get more power out of it too. it may also be cheaper on my insurance

    i couldve done 1.8t conversion, but i wanted something alil bit more different, newer and that can handle more power more easily. stage two 1.8t got me nearly 240bhp, k04 would be somewhere around 260/270ish, hybrid k04 will be approx only 300ish bhp.

    the tfsi i have can easily achieve 360+ish on a stage 2+ alone with standard turbo/internals
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