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My first car that was given as a gift from my dad. My dad and I shared the same interest in mini coopers, old and new. Been driving this car for quite some time so I think its time to make it go faster :)

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  • 2004 MINI Cooper s R53

    2004 MINI Cooper s R53

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    2013-05-17 15:03:36
    Ahhh its been awhile I haven't post here ..so here it goes..

    Sent my car to a local tire shop near my area and request for a new set of tires as my Pirellis on the rear was bald and the other 3 was swelling. I was contemplating of choosing Kumho KU36 or Michelin PS3 but it was like 8.30am in the morning most tire shops were not yet open so I had to pick PS3s from the tire shop I was at. The guy was really friendly, since I requested for the PS3 while he thought I would go for the cheaper alternatives.

    While the car was set up and wheels were being stripped out, they were selling variety of rims there. The tire guy was like persuading me to get Volks CE-28 rims but it was too JDM for me. I told him that I would prolly change my rims in the near future or when my rims go bust. So after a few minutes of chat, I went over and check on the car and the guys were doing wheel alignment. It was a BAD NEWS when the told me that 3 of my white rims were dented! I told them if they could fix it, they told me that it would take around 3 hours and would cost a lot if I fixed 3 rims. So, I guess its time to change a new set of wheels then.

    The guys agreed to trade-in with my rims and I got myself 17" BBS RE-V. I was a bit skeptical of having BBS rims on minis and I was slightly in doubt whether it would look good on the car. The tire guy was nice enough to let me choose and have them place onto the car and see whether I like it. When they fit the tires and rims, my god I'm a happy child.

    The rims totally changed the look of the Mini for a cute BRG Mini into a AGGRESSIVE Mini.

    I drove the car for a couple of days now, the steering was a lot more lighter and the cornering is much more sharper plus the driving comfortability was much improved. I guess all this while my car was running on dented rims all along. Damn those Malaysian road potholes. Update image Update image Update image
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