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It’s almost 2013 and I just realized that 10 years ago I bought my first car. I can remember that day very clearly as it was yesterday. I was working in Germany for 2 months during my vacation time to get money for my first, very own car. At that time I only knew it has to be japanese and it has to be hatchback. That was it. At the end of those 2 months I found a junk shop nearby. I went there and found it. It was Mitsubishi Colt (also known as Mirage) CA0 1.3 75HP from 1992.The paint was pale pink from the burning sun and it was covered in dust but as soon as I sat in it it was mine. It had electric windows and power steering, that was pretty much it. I can remember that the clutch was slipping but it was nothing. It was mine and it was japanese. I loved this car. I bought it when it had 194 000km (120 546mi) on ODO meter and I sold it when it had 298 000km (185 168mi). Pure joy... Years went by and I got another Mitsubishi Colt. This time it was great condition CJ0 1.6 90HP from 1999. It had aircon, power steering, electric windows, ABS and it was Sport Edition so it had that sporty look from the factory. After this I got my first Honda. That was totally different experience. It was Civic VTi 1.8 MB6 Liftback from 2000. Engine B18C4, 169HP with LSD. That was a beast. What I noticed immediately was the clutch reaction and the strength of it aside from huge power gain. My previous two Colts had this same problem. Weak clutch. After one week from installing new, fresh clutch it began to slip on high revs. Honda has marvelous clutch in other hand. I drove that Civic hard and it never slipped even a bit. Just perfect. I fell in love with Honda during that period of time and today I know that Honda will always stay in my garage. Few months ago I bought my latest car which is Civic EK4 VTi 1.6 B16A2 160HP from 1999. For a long time I was thinking that I’m gonna get Civic EP3 but I dug in my feelings deeply and I decided to go with older model. Not because of the money. It was the matter of style and passion I had and still have for the B engines. This Civic is completely made in Japan and that was very important to me as well. Next generations are made in the UK and only engines are assembled in Japan which sucks big time in my opinion. It should always be only Japan... That’s the story of my last 10 years with cars I owned. I know there is many fans of EK model so I decided to share with them the progress of modifications I’m making to the car and all good times I’m spending with it. Peace & stay tuned Mugenai

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