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Bought my 2001 Honda S2000 in January of '09 with 38,000 miles on it. It now rests ~65000 miles and I've made some changes to it to make it my own.

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    2001 Honda S2000 AP1

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    2012-01-23 07:14:10
    Today was an awesome day! Every Sunday morning I meet my parents at a local restaurant for lunch. Today while on the way there I ran into a Shelby Cobra, the kit car, and it was pretty sweet. It was incredibly low to the ground and sounded fantastic. We got off the interstate at the same exit and hit a red light. I was behind him and we were both turning left. The guy ended up launching around the corner, which was the only part of our run that I could keep up in, and then skyrocketed into the distance. It was pretty sweet! On the way home from lunch, I ran into an 07ish Mustang GT with ghetto chrome wheels on the Interstate. He didn't do anything, but I noticed his smokin' hot girlfriend staring at my car and him just staring straight forward with his mouth shut. Felt good!
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