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This is my naturally aspirated Mazda Rx7, i bought the car totally standard with 60k on the clock and full service history. The engine has been very well looked after, the bodywork needs tidying up a little bit though. I'm not totally sure what path i'm going with the car yet but the plans are to get it looking good before i do anything else with it.

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  • 1987 Mazda Rx7

    1987 Mazda Rx7

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    2013-10-20 00:03:25
    So a few more updates.
    I got rid of the tape blocking the wiper whole and replaced it with a proper rubber bung which we will be stocking soon.

    Then decided to get rid of the knackered apexi filter as the fitment wasn't great.

    Decided to go for the HKS super mega flow as its easy to replace the elements.

    Also the air flow meter adapter was home made by the previous owner and it it was restricting the air flow so i decided to get another one.

    All fitted :) no more rubbing through the wires.

    Then it was on with the coilovers and the braided brake lines, the brakes were a pain to bleed and the pedal still isn't great. I think the master cylinder needs replacing so i'm going to do an upgrade on that at some point.
    New vs old

    Rears fitted.

    Then it was on with the new sparco ns2 wheels, they still need a polish but i'm really happy with the way they look.

    Just letting the suspension bed in for a week and then i'll probably go a bit lower.
    The way it drives now compared to before is unbelievable, i'm really happy with it and the adjustment on the coilovers is awesome just need to get myself some better tyres, some camber arms and a decent diff now then its off for 4 wheel alignment.
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