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This is my naturally aspirated Mazda Rx7, i bought the car totally standard with 60k on the clock and full service history. The engine has been very well looked after, the bodywork needs tidying up a little bit though. I'm not totally sure what path i'm going with the car yet but the plans are to get it looking good before i do anything else with it.

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  • 1987 Mazda Rx7

    1987 Mazda Rx7

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    2013-10-01 00:02:14
    So before i put all the shiny bits on i decided to whip the wheels off and and give the inner arches a good underseal.

    Then last week i went to a dyno day at tuning developments held by Owen autobodies to see how much power the engine was still putting out after all these years. Its meant to have 145 bhp according to the owners manual so obviously with the bad rep these engines get i wasn't expecting much more than 130 bhp despite it being serviced every 3k miles.
    Anyway it went on and managed to put out a magic 144.4 bhp which i'm more than happy with.
    The dyno wasn't in the best place for filming but heres a quick video-

    Also over at Heavyset we're looking at stocking some new coilovers but we thought we'd give them a bit of testing and track time first so we can get them perfect :)

    They are fully adjustable so they have height adjustment,spring rate adjustment,damping adjustment and pillow ball top mounts with camber adjustable top plates which should be interesting :)
    It's the first time i've seen them in person and they look extremely good quality, there's even washers in between the collars to stop them seizing up which i've never seen on another set of coilovers before.
    Hopefully i should be able to get them fitted before the weekend so i can give them a bit of testing on the drive at the Northern Hondas meet in Lancaster.
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