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This is my naturally aspirated Mazda Rx7, i bought the car totally standard with 60k on the clock and full service history. The engine has been very well looked after, the bodywork needs tidying up a little bit though. I'm not totally sure what path i'm going with the car yet but the plans are to get it looking good before i do anything else with it.

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  • 1987 Mazda Rx7

    1987 Mazda Rx7

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    2013-09-29 14:02:39
    So this is my new project, its a maturally aspirated Mazda RX7 FC which i traded my rear wheel drive Honda shuttle for.
    Anybody that knows me knows i've always had Hondas but i fancied a bit of a change and i wanted to learn something new.
    In the years of me being a mechanic the one engine i never ever got a chance to work on was the rotary so i thought there's no better way to learn how they work than to own one and so far i've learnt a lot. The first time i looked under the bonnet i honestly didn't have a clue what most of it was especially all the emissions related stuff like the air pump etc so first thing i did was sign up to the rx7 forum and after hours of reading i was starting to get the jist of things.
    Anyway heres what it looked like the day i got it

    So when i got the car there were a few minor problems.
    The passenger window doesn't work at all
    The drivers one is intermittent
    The sunroof doesn't open
    The cars idling was terrible and the revs kept going up and down even when driving
    The belts seemed to be the wrong size so they squealed when you started to accelerate
    2 of the tyres had a slow puncture
    and the bodywork wasn't the best
    So first job was to try and sort out the problems, so i started by going down to my local auto factors and getting some new belts

    Then got them fitted and they fit perfectly, there's so much more room for adjustment now.

    Then next job was to respray the wiper arms and a couple of brackets from the engine bay as they were looking a bit scabby.

    Decided to leave the rear wiper off as it looked better without it, i just need to find a bung to block the hole off now.
    Then we got in a prototype Heavyset steering wheel in to try so i decided to get that fitted to see what it looked like. Its not the final design but it was just a test to see what the stitching looked like.

    The oil needed topping up a bit so i decided to just give it an oil change while i had the tools out.
    Next job is to get an air filter to replace the scabby looking apexi one, new battery, wheels and tyres and some coilovers then hopefully get it to the bodyshop to get the dents and scratches sorted.

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