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Facelift EP3 Type R

It's difficult to know what to put here, as so much has happened since I purchased my EP3 (a realistic dream car from an early age) in May '09. But as it stands it has cost me a pretty penny or two, but no matter what, I love it and don't have any intentions of shutting shop and getting something else; I'll see this project through to its high power N/A peak for as long as it takes.

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More stats and info

Model code - -
Purchase date - -
Doors - -
Body type - -
Colour - -
Fuel type - -
Transmission - -
Aspiration - -
Engine size - -
Engine position - -
Driven wheels - -

Mods, Stats & Spec


  • Engine & Transmission

    • J's Racing "Tsuchinoko" carbon fibre forced air intake system
    • KPro ECU - 254.4bhp MASE tune
    • Tracy Sports 65mm throttle body
    • RBC intake manifold (ceramic coated metallic black)
    • Skunk2 fuel rail
    • TGM Motorsport baffled sump
    • Energy Suspension engine mount inserts
    • HKS "Circle Earth" earhing kit
    • J's Racing SPL low temp thermo fan switch
    • J's Racing magnetic engine drain bolt
    • Pitwork Racing oil filter
    • HKS M35i spark plugs
    • Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W40 engine oil
    • J's Racing 4-2 manifold
    • J's Racing 2-1 decat downpipe
    • J's Racing 70RR exhaust (single silencer)
    • J's Racing exhaust mounts
    • Spoon 5.026 final drive
    • Wavetrac LSD
    • Exedy stage 1 clutch
    • Powerflex gearbox mount insert
    • J's Racing magentic transmission bolt
    • BuddyClub short shifter
    • Aluminium gearbox and shifter bushes
    • Purple rocker cover
    • Purple under bonnet spray
    • J's Racing oil cap (bronze)
    • J's Racing radiator cap
    • Vision-R carbon fibre plug cover
    • SSR carbon fibre slam panel
    • SFS induction hose (purple)
    • Do-Luck coolant hoses (purple)
    • JMR battery tie
    • Opera Performance res socks
    • Purple Pro-Bolt fuel rail bolt inserts
    • Black Pro-Bolt plug cover bolts
    • J's Racing engine strut with ETD (engine torque damper)
  • Suspension

    • BuddyClub N+ coilovers
    • Eurospec FRSU (fast road setup)
    • J's Racing front roll centre adjusters
    • J's Racing rear camber arms
    • D2 lower control arms
    • Eibach front camber bolts
    • JDM front and rear ARB's (anti-roll bars)
    • Tanabe front under chassis brace
    • J's Racing rear tie bar
  • Interior

    • Bride Stradia Japan special edition reclining bucket seats
    • Bride RO low position seat rails
    • Takata race harnesses
    • Skunk2 weighted gear knob
    • JDM mats
    • Mugen pedals
    • Carbon fibre Richbrook tax disc holder
    • J's Racing roll bar video bracket
    • J's Racing C-pillar strut
    • J's Racing floor strut
    • J's Racing upper rear strut
    • DG Industries harness bar
  • Exterior

    • K20 FTW personalised plate
    • Mugen adjustable rear wing
    • JDM wind deflectors
    • Jazz washer jets
    • J's Racing stickers
    • Datum1 styled towing eye
    • De-badged boot, de-stickered sideskirts
  • Stats & Figures

    • MASE tuned, 254.4bhp (213.7whp)
  • Wheels & Brakes

    • Advan Racing RZ wheels (17x8J)
    • Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres (215/40/17)
    • Spoon 4pot monoblock front calipers
    • Project Mu Hyper Carbon plus (HC+) front pads
    • Project Mu Type NS rear pads
    • Do-Luck braided steel brake lines (purple)
    • Castrol Responce super dot4 brake fluid
    • Tegiwa master brake cylinder stopper


  • 2004 Honda Civic Facelift EP3 Type R

    2004 Honda Civic Facelift EP3 Type R

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    2012-01-24 21:43:38
    Engine & TransmissionJ's Racing engine strut with ETD (engine torque damper)
    Engine & TransmissionBlack Pro-Bolt plug cover bolts
    Engine & TransmissionPurple Pro-Bolt fuel rail bolt inserts
    Engine & TransmissionOpera Performance res socks
    Engine & TransmissionJMR battery tie
    Engine & TransmissionDo-Luck coolant hoses (purple)
    Engine & TransmissionSFS induction hose (purple)
    Engine & TransmissionSSR carbon fibre slam panel
    Engine & TransmissionVision-R carbon fibre plug cover
    Engine & TransmissionJ's Racing radiator cap
    Engine & TransmissionJ's Racing oil cap (bronze)
    Engine & TransmissionPurple under bonnet spray
    Engine & TransmissionPurple rocker cover
    Engine & TransmissionAluminium gearbox and shifter bushes
    Engine & TransmissionBuddyClub short shifter
    Engine & TransmissionJ's Racing magentic transmission bolt
    Engine & TransmissionPowerflex gearbox mount insert
    Engine & TransmissionExedy stage 1 clutch
    Engine & TransmissionWavetrac LSD
    Engine & TransmissionSpoon 5.026 final drive