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This is my daily driver which is used for occasional track use

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More stats and info

Model code dc2
Purchase date January 2011
Doors 2 Doors
Body type Coupe
Colour Black
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Aspiration N/A (Normally Aspirated)
Engine size 1.8 Litres
Engine position Front Engined
Driven wheels Front Wheel Drive (FWD)

Mods, Stats & Spec


  • Engine & Transmission

    • tegiwa 2.5 adjustable decat
    • super street performance cat back n1 system
    • bmc cda induction with custom headlamp intake
    • unknown 2.5" 4-2-1 manifold
    • Mugen rocker cover sprayed candy purple
    • Tegiwa purple rocker cover washers
    • Downstar rocker cover spike bolts
    • Bolt bolts power steering delete kit
    • Downstar purple v3 washer and bolt engine bay dress up
    • Spoon sports radiator cap
  • Suspension

    • meister r zeta r coilovers
    • dc sport lower rear tie bar
    • tegiwa 3 point front strut brace
    • tegiwa lower rear arms
    • hardrace rear camber arms
    • hardrace rear toe arms
    • Lower front h brace
    • Rear upper strut brace
    • Hardrace front camber arms
    • Buddy club extended ball joints
  • Exterior

    • unknown oem style carbon fibre bonnet
    • custom headlamp air intake
    • Custom made front splitter
    • Cusco rear spoiler
  • Wheels & Brakes

    • arp 20mm extended studs
    • 20mm hubcentric spacers
    • carbon lorainne front & rear pads
    • Volks racing formula mesh wheels, centres powder coated candy purple with bolt bolts chrome bolt set
    • Non abs prop valve
    • Braided brake lines
    • Dc5 rear calipers
  • Extras & factory options

    • a/c removed
    • P/s removed
    • Abs removed
  • Planned future mods

    • Honda legend twin pot calipers


  • ExteriorCusco rear spoiler
    SuspensionBuddy club extended ball joints
    SuspensionHardrace front camber arms
    Engine & TransmissionSpoon sports radiator cap
  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2017-06-16 11:51:31
    So heres this week's update

    I started of with undersealing the arches before I started putting suspension parts back on

    Next I ressembled the front coilovers and copper greased the threads

    Then I made a start on getting some suspension bits back on the car

    I then took the rear coilovers apart, cleaned them up and wired brushed the springs and painted them

    Undersealed the rear arches before putting the rear coilovers back on

    Fitted the rear suspension and put the dc5 calipers on with new discs, decided to paint the edges and hub wall as I hate seeing them when they start to rust, just need the friction surface sanding down

    Also replaced the dc sport lower rear brace with a tegiwa one

    I then fitted the front calipers and did the same to the front discs

    Now I just need to make up new brake lines, fit the hel brakelines, then fit rigid subframe collars, final nut and bikt check then get alignment checked
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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2017-06-07 21:43:33
    So a little update from this week

    Started off by painting the pad carriers black

    Next I fitted the buddy club extended ball joints

    I decided to strip the coilovers down and cleaned them up so i could copper grease the threads

    I assembled the rear calipers to see what they looked like, am pretty pleased with how they came out

    I removed the hand brake lever off the dc2 calipers to see if I could fit them to the dc5 calipers so I don't have to modify the dc5 ones

    Removed the dc5 lever brackets, and discovered the dc2 ones will fit so cleaned them up and fit them ready to go back on

    Next I rebuilt the front calipers with the kits I got from big reds

    Next I gave the calipers another coat after the the new seals and pistons were fitted, also gave the coil springs a lick of paint before i ressemble them

    I gave the pad retaining clips a quick clean up and called it a day, gonna do a bit more tomorrow hopefully
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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2017-06-02 22:44:55
    So now we are upto about 2 weeks ago, I took the front bumper off and started to strip down the front suspension for the new parts

    Had a change of mind and decided to go for buddy club extended ball joints over standard and to remove the full flexi braided hoses and go back to copper pipes with braided flexi hoses as full hoses give too much pedal travel before they bite, I also ordered some solid subframe collars, a spoon rad cap and a tegiwa lower rear brace as the dc sport one has a issue

    Fit the ear cap straight away lol

    So removed the front suspension and supported the driveshafts with bunjy cords to stop and straining

    Started to assemble the lower arms ready to go on, just need to out new links on

    Was gonna take my hubs to a garage to remove the ball joints but decided just to smash them out with a lump hammer after watching a you tube video

    Decided to give the hubs a going over with wire wheel and gave them a lick of paint to make them look a bit tidier

    Also did the same with the suspension forks

    Wire wheeled the front calipers ready for painting and the new big redd seals and pistons fitting
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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2017-06-02 22:16:54
    Just noticed it's been nearly a year since I last updated this

    So not long after where I last posted I removed the recaros and gave them a clean using my carpet/upholstery cleaner with woolite

    The dirt what came out was ridiculous to say I only cleaned them the year before, woolite really does lift the dirt out

    I had been thinking about going slightly wider with the tyres, was looking for 215 but in 16's there were no decent tyres in that size to ended up ordering 225-45-16 Yokohama ado8r's

    I just got 2 fitted to start with as I was a bit unsure about fitment on the rears

    I had already spaced the front wings in preparation for wider tyres but ended up spacing them a bit more

    I tried them on the rear but with no spacer the tyre was touching the rear arm and with a spacer it was very close to the arch so will need raising

    The passenger side tail lamp had previously leaked water before I got the car and it had left residue inside the lamp which always annoyed me so when I saw a cheap pair of UK tail lamps in eBay I snapped them up

    On the listing they had stated they were selling as they had upgrade to Lexus style light :lol: sorry if your on here :roll:

    I also decided to split my volks wheels to get the centre's colour changed, there still split and awaiting a new colour :roll:

    I think that pretty much took me upto the end of the year, I think just before Christmas I bought a spoiler as I had been thinking about a different look, I ended up buying a spoiler off eBay, advertised as a Cusco spoiler for a impreza, not sure if it's genuine, it was cheap enough to just test fit and if i didnt like it sell or bin it lol
    As it was off a impreza I refilled the spoiler to mount the legs at the end of the integra boot

    I decided at the start of the year to sort a few things that were annoying me,
    I bought some dc5 rear calipers as my passenger side one had started to stick, had the drivers refurbed not long after I got the car,

    They was a knock coming from the front so decided refresh the front suspension as it was probably the only original suspension bits left on the car

    I decided to paint the spoiler legs black as I wasn't keen on the silver and didn't like how much the stood out

    It was a bit of a rush job so the legs need repainting and the spoiler blade has a few scratches so could also with painting
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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2016-08-23 20:23:51
    So after speaking to tegiwa it appears my rear lower arms had a recall about 2 years ago :shock: :roll:
    So they agreed to replace them for me, they either said they could send out some oem arms next day or they could order me some black works racing ones from USA but would be about 10 days, I opted for the bwr ones.
    They advised me not to drive the car until I'd replaced the arms, so cars been off the road for about 2 1/2 week apart from popping to a local jap meet a few miles away from me. If the arms had been on 2 years I don't think a 10 minutes drive either way was gonna be the end of the world :lol:

    The arms turned up on the Friday so once I got home I opened them up for a look

    1st arm off

    Then other side and lower brace

    Put it all back together and removed the rear abs sensors as I couldn't be bothered when I removed the abs

    Old vs new

    And old arms destroyed as requested by tegiwa

    To say they looked like they were gonna fall apart any minute they were pretty tough to cut through
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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2016-08-23 20:21:20
    So I got bored and my mate talked me into cutting up my rear bumper :roll:
    I got out the jigsaw and sander and just got busy lol

    Took my bumper off to fit the cut one, I already knew the rear panel is in fairly good condition from when I fitted the replacement bumper the first time round

    Once fitted I wasn't convinced lol

    Decided I was gonna refit the spoiler as a cut bumper and no spoiler looked a bit odd

    Still wasn't convinced, decided I was gonna remove the number plate recess then cut the bottom bit off, if I still wasn't happy with it then I was just gonna put my other bumper back on

    Decided it looked a bit better so thought I'd best tidy rear panel up as it was gonna be visible now

    Really liked it with no number plate but obviously that's not gonna work
    Decided to mount the number plate frame I have with some brackets to the bumper then mount the lamps to the brackets

    I'm planning on running wider tyres soon so decided to space my front wings a little to see how much more room it would make
    Sills seem to be in fairly good condition

    Gave car a wash so decided to go take a few pics

    So after taking the pics I decided that the t1-r's that came on the volks wheels looked odd because of the tread pattern made them look thin and with them been more in view it was annoying me so decided to put my other wheels on with the rsr's till I get some more chunky tyres for the volks wheels, think I'm gonna run 215's

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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2016-08-23 20:18:07
    So I got round to spraying one on the centres on my other wheels, need to get the other 3 sprayed and get them built up

    I decided to make a new splitter as the old was looking a bit worse for wear and I decided to strengthen the brackets more

    once the bumper was back on I could line up the front support rods

    I decided to remove my spoiler as I was fed up at looking at where the paint had all bubbled and look rubbish

    I was unsure on it at first but I grew on my a little and will be ok till I can get my old spoiler replaced or get a new spoiler, I decided to remove the rear wiper off, I'd been meaning to do it a while but as the spoiler was annoying more

    I was convinced to go to a nearby vw show, managed to sneak my car into the pre 95 non vw section lol

    The following week was the Mimms Honda day at rockingham, unfortunately didn't managed to get out on track as before we even set off from the meeting point I noticed a wierd sound, I opened up the dizzy and the screw holding the rotor arm on fell out and down the back of the engine, ended up having to put some electrical tape around the shaft to secure the rotor in place, it got me there and back put didn't really wanna risk pushing the car on track

    Managed to get a screw from Honda this week so managed to get my dizzy sorted

    The loose rotor damaged the dust cover
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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2016-08-23 20:15:26
    So after removing the abs, power steering and air con I have now been left with a few tatty bits in the bay, at some point I have planned to take the engine out and respray the bay and tidy up the wiring but I couldn't live with looking at the tatty bit till then so decided just to give the areas where the pumps and stuff say a touch up with some black Hammerite till then, not brilliant finish but a bit better than looking at a few rusty bolt holes and tatty patches
    I also refitted the strut brace

    I'm also considering spraying the intake arm satin black and the mirrored finish is pitted and would take a lot of work to polish up
    I removed my clocks to remove the abs light, couldn't figure out how to get the bulb out so I just filled it with silicone lol

    I the decided to give the car clean

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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2016-08-23 20:12:57
    I finally got round to removing my abs and fitting flexible brake lines, went pretty straight forward, was just a pain stopping the hoses fouling on anything, I also decided to tidy up a bit of wiring at the same time, need to give the bay a bit of a tidy up now and refit the strut brace

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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2016-08-23 20:11:22
    I also removed my splitter as the mdf has had started to absorb too much water and was becoming weak, after winter I will make another one,
    I gave the car a clean as the winter weather hasn't been too kind

    Think the next one I'm not gonna run all the way to the h brace as the exhaust manifold burnt a hole in it

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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2016-08-23 20:08:38
    so end of November I went to the mimms Honda day,
    A few pics turned up on Facebook so was quite pleased

    whislt I was swapping wheels back over for winter I decided to try on the other wheels I started refurbing over a year ago for fitment as I've never bolted them to the car

    8" up front and 7" on rears, wasn't keen on the colour when I sprayed them but when there on the car I quite like them, will either have to remove the 15mm spacers to run them or spacer the front wings slightly
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  • 1999 Honda Integra type r

    1999 Honda Integra type r

    80 updates 7 followers 34 mods
    2016-08-23 20:04:59
    So not really done a update for about a year, so towards the end of last year I went down to a meet at the 6two1 speedstore, had a good day but my dizzy problem returned

    When I got home and stripped the starter down I found this

    Luckily my friend had a spare dizzy shell he'd not need now he's gone k20 so I popped up and collected it off him before he went off to the ring

    So once I got car running again I attended the team400 meet,
    Was working the day before so ended up taking my cleaning stuff to the jet wash the night before the meet

    On the way there I noticed a strange rotating noise and my speedo seem to jump a couple of times, I removed the speedo drive to inspect it, was fine till I refit it and over tightened the nut and snapped the bracket

    Couldn't find one so ended up paying over the odds for one off eBay :(
    That didn't solve it so I bought some new wheel bearings and new driveshafts

    So after a friend kept nagging me to enter the inside part of the mimms show I decided to give in and apply so after been accepted thought I'd best tidy the car a bit
    Removed the wheels to clean them up and removed my carbon bonnet to get it re laquared

    So back to looking standard

    Got the wheels cleaned up

    Got the bonnet back

    Cleaned up the aero catches and refit them

    Took car into work Friday to get the new bearings fit as I don't have a press and got the shafts fit,
    managed to get the wheels fit, just needed to give the car a good clean before mimms that weekend now

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  • Wheels & BrakesNon abs prop valve
    Extras & factory optionsAbs removed