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Owned this for a few days now, and its going to be my new only car. shifting the rest. Its an amazing machine! I love it. it does everything you could ever want. apart from 30+ mpg lol It has leather seat covers - these are not cheap at all... and dam hard to get hold of! Body kit of some description - if anyone knows what kit it is, please let me know :) some 17" splits, again, no idea what they are. so wheel people, hook me up with info please. plans for the year, are just make it low, tidy it up and change the wheels. constant little things will be happening. but nothing major till suspension is sorted. ultra JDM car :D

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More stats and info

Model code - -
Purchase date - -
Doors - -
Body type - -
Colour - -
Fuel type - -
Transmission - -
Aspiration - -
Engine size - -
Engine position - -
Driven wheels - -

Mods, Stats & Spec


  • Interior

    • too many cup holders
    • slim quick release
  • Exterior

    • front bumper
    • side skirts
    • rear spoiler