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Navan K's s14, daily & drift street car. Minimal/clean style, 90's Japan inspired.

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Former car - no longer own this car

More stats and info

Model code s14
Purchase date November 2012
Doors 2 Doors
Body type Coupe
Colour Black
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Aspiration Turbo
Engine size 2.0 Litres
Engine position Front Engined
Driven wheels Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

Mods, Stats & Spec


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  • Engine & Transmission

    • Nispro Performance straight cam SR20DET rebuild
    • AN6 power steering cooler
    • AN10 oil cooler
    • Oil filter relocation
    • Metal head gasket
    • ARP bolts
    • MAX HMIC intercooler
    • Exedy stage 3 paddle clutch
    • Driftworks chromoly lightweight flywheel
    • Driftworks uprated clutch pivot
    • Titan Pro S 10w50 fully syth oil
    • NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs
    • z32 fuel filter
    • Driftworks SuperCool alu radiator
    • Nismo engine mounts
    • Vibra-Technics Max Pro Gearbox mount
    • Engine Torque Damper
    • Walbro 255 fuel pump
    • Braided clutch line
    • Driftworks super-low downpipe
    • Driftworks stainless turbo elbow
    • Driftworks braided turbo lines
    • Custom welded in flexi joint between elbow/downpipe
    • Apexi air filter
    • Apexi N1 dual exhaust
    • R33 GTST non-ABS 4.3 welded diff
    • R33 GTST driveshafts
    • GKTech 5x1 Skyline driveshaft spacers
    • s14 non-ABS prop
    • Oil catch can with AN-10 earls fittings
    • Firesleeve oil catch can lines
    • DEI gold wrap on intercooler pipework
  • Suspension

    • Driftworks CS2 coilovers
    • Driftworks GeoMaster 2 front knuckles
    • Driftworks GeoMaster 2 rear knuckles
    • Driftworks GeoMaster front tension rods
    • Driftworks GeoMaster offset rack spacers
    • Driftworks rear camber arms
    • Driftworks rear toe rods
    • Driftworks rear traction rods (modified for CV joint clearance)
    • Driftworks solid rear diff mounts
    • Whiteline front ARB
    • SuperPro rear ARB droplink bushes
    • Powerflex rear LCA bushes
    • s14 +20mm extended & strengthened LCAs
    • Custom front LCA lockstops
    • Moog front LCA ball joints
    • Driftworks poly front LCA bushes
    • Huxley Motorsport +20mm modified front cross member
    • SuperPro steering rack bushes
    • Tein rods & ends w/spacers
    • Custom cut, sleeved & extended inner tie rods
    • Driftworks longer steering rack boots
    • Apex front strut brace
    • Apex front lower brace
    • Apex rear upper strut brace
    • s14 UK rear subframe
    • Superforma solid subframe risers
    • Hicas delete
  • Interior

    • Nickson Motorsport 6 point MSA/BDC rollcage
    • Bride Brix II driver seat
    • Bride Brix II passenger seat
    • RSA NASCAR-style harnesses
    • Bride superlow driver subframe
    • Apexi EL2 boost gauge
    • Apexi EL2 oil temp gauge
    • Apexi EL2 oil pressure gauge
    • Apexi EL2 water temp gauge
    • Apexi EL2 controller
  • Exterior

    • Factory Navan Aero
    • Fitment Garage clear headlight lens's
    • Clear indicators
    • Kouki K's Aero boot spoiler FRP
    • Integra Type-R DC2 front lip
  • Stats & Figures

    • Spark plugs changed - 24/11/12
    • Finalboss x Driftland 5-6/07/14
    • Drift Taxi USC @ Santa Pod 02/08/14
    • SXOC Weekender @ Snetterton 24/08/14
    • Drift practice day @ DWYB 27/08/14
    • Driftcup Round 3 @ Lydden Hill 11/10/14
    • Oil & filter changed - 30/12/12
    • Oil & filter changed - 18/05/13
    • Oil, filter & spark plugs - 12/08/13
    • Fuel filter changed - 20/10/13
    • Oil & filter change - 12/02/14
    • Oil, filter & spark plugs - 21/05/14
    • ━━━━━━━
    • Rolling road - 285.1 bhp @ Hdev 09/02/13
    • ━━━━━━━
    • Drift practice day @ DWYB 08/12/12
    • Drift practice day @ DWYB 09/03/13
    • Drift Taxi day @ Santa Pod 11/05/13
    • Drift Taxi Modified Live @ Brands Hatch 29/09/13
    • Speedhunters Workshop 01 @ Snetterton 09/06/13
    • Drift Taxi Japshow @ Santa Pod 30/06/13
    • Drift Taxi Japfest2 @ Donington 07/07/13
    • Drift Taxi USC @ Santa Pod 03-04/08/13
    • Drift Taxi PimpFest @ Salisbury 18/08/13
    • Drift practice day @ Snetterton 15/02/14
    • Drift practice day @ Lydden Hill 26/04/14
  • Wheels & Brakes

    • MB Battle 17x9.5 et15 bronze
    • Nankang NS2 235/40/17
    • Front- 15mm bolt-on spacer
    • s14 to R33 GTS-T DB-Power conversion brake lines
    • R33 GTS-T front calipers, full refurb
    • R33 GTS-T front discs, plain, vented
    • R33 GTS-T Ferodo front pads
    • R33 GTS-T rear calipers
    • R33 GTS-T rear discs, vented, grilled, grooved
    • R33 GTS-T EBC rear brake pads
    • R33 GTS-T rear handbrake assembly
    • R33 GTS-T Conceptua Tuning development brake shoes
  • Extras & factory options

    • Factory full Navan aero
    • Factory OEM optional extra HUD
    • Factory Kenwood optional extra speakers
  • Planned future mods

    • Greddy/Trust TD06-20G turbo
    • Greddy/Trust External Wastegate


  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-06-05 13:14:22
    After getting the car up to speed on all the safety equipment needed to compete in BDC, I was then also basically ready for a Lydden Hill practice day with some friends. It was a great day, and was my first real chance at drifting on a fast-ish track with the new engine & turbo setup. My previous drift days with the new setup being at Santa Pod, then Driftcup at Norfolk, are both fairly slow tracks.

    Anyway, I had the car loaded up on my trailer on Friday evening, weather was set to be amazing, so I was really looking forward to it

    Then into the day itself. I got into the swing of things really quickly, the car was an absolute joy to drive hard. I perhaps got too into it too quickly, and ended up in the gravel twice in my 1st session! Annoyingly I didn’t have my GoPro running for the 1st session, but I was pulling 4th gear into Devil Elbow, which is something I said to myself that I wanted to try at some point. I didn’t know I would be doing it from the get-go, but the car felt fantastic!

    Onto my 2nd session, I went into the gravel again (another 4th gear entry), and I started to feel bad for the other drives on the track, as I had to keep getting pulled out by the recovery truck. This means the track time stops for a while, and everyone’s track time is reduced. The guy driving the truck who pulled me out told me I had to “drive better or you’ll be moved down a group”, which kinda sucked. It was annoying as all I was trying to do was go hard & try different things!

    Ah well, I calmed the driving down a bit & had a great time regardless. A lot of my mates were there too, so it made the day all the better.

    I found myself being on chase & lead almost constantly with Team Lowmileage driver Dan Brown in his black s13! Dan is a super aggressive & fantastic driver, so it was great to partner up with him multiple times throughout the day. Great fun!

    Just after lunch I had a bit of an incident though. Well, actually 2 separate incidents. The 1st one was the worst (again, annoyingly my GoPro wasn’t running for it!). I was sandwiched in a train with Dan Brown behind me and a BMW e36 in front of me. The e36 driver was driving great, but around Paddock Bend he straightened slightly, I had no where to go so I hit him on his rear quarter. This crumpled my front wing pretty badly

    No bother though, half an hour of hammering & messing around with it, it was all good to go again. Just cosmetic damage, of which 99% is just the wing itself, with just a small tap in the passenger door, but nothing major.

    Then, on my next session out, I found myself in a similar situation again, and the same BMW had an explosive delam, his car washed out really quickly and I couldn’t slow down enough to stop myself, so I ended up side-swiping him, on the same corner again! Minimal damage on that hit though, just some marks around the rear arches, nothing major!

    As always, here’s some videos! Firstly, of “the crashes” which captures some of the incidents of the day!

    Then some lead/solo runs of mine. As I said, my goal was to be as fast as possible into Devils Elbow. It was great fun to try!

    And lastly, some chase runs. Not the best ever, quite scrappy, but it was a great laugh regardless

    All in all though, an amazing day! I had great fun, and it was rad to see my mates have fun too! The car held up amazingly, with literally no issues all day at all.

    So, next up, BDC Knockhill for Round 2! My first ever taste into BDC, and my first time at Knockhill. I can’t wait! :)

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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-06-05 13:14:18
    So many things have been going on in the past couple of weeks that I’ve had a hard time coming up with writing this post! And, considering how much has actually happened with the car, I’ve taken next to no photos either! Crazy.

    After the calm down from my 3rd place podium finish at Driftcup, the car needed little doing to it in terms of mechanics, so apart from a spanner check, the main things I’ve been concentrating on is making sure the car is legit for meeting the BDC scrutineering for Round 2 Knockhill on the 13th June.

    Firstly, a race suit, gloves & boots were needed. Its not the sort of thing I’d really like to be spending the best part of £500 on, but its a necessary safety item. I went for an Alpinestars package deal from Demon Tweeks, which arrived next day!

    Next, was fitting & plumbing in the fire extinguisher. I have actually had this sat in my spare room since Christmas as my girlfriend bought this for me, but now was the time to actually fit it. I haven’t taken any photos, but its mounted directly behind the passenger seat, so its quite easy to remove the safety pin before the event starts, then re-fit for street use.

    Plumbing the lines was quite easy, then I knocked up some brackets to mount the nozzle’s to. The BDC regulations say that one must be “pointing at most likely place to catch fire in engine bay”. On an SR, from my experience, this is turbo side rather than fuel side, so mine is mounted here.

    The other, which I have no photos of, is mounted neatly on another bracket pointing toward my legs.

    And yet another bracket, which I made, I had welded onto the scuttle area on the passenger side. This bracket will hold & mount the pull cables for the fire extinguisher & for the battery cut off. Once painted, along with the plastic scuttle panel carefully cut, I think it looks quite neat.

    And then, at last, my new drivers seat arrived. I really loved my Bride Brix, but its not allowed in the BDC regs due to it being a reclining non-FIA seat. Plus, being 20+ years old, its probably not the safest thing in the world either way! I originally wanted to go for a Sparco Corsa bucket seat, but I’ve come to learn that this is a discontinued seat, and is also only really suitable for the extremely slim gentlemen! I instead went for a Cobra Suzuka Pro Fit in Kevlar.

    Mounted onto a super low Bride side mount rail, which took a long time to get right, but now its in I’m really pleased with it

    Then finally, I shot up to my buddies workshop to give the car a quick spanner check & to modify the passenger seat rail so the Bride Brix sits further back. Apart from all that, I was ready to rock & roll at Lydden Hill, which was last weekend. I’ll do another post shortly for that on its own :)

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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-05-13 18:04:51
    Ok, so huge news!! Driftcup Round 1 at Norfolk Arena has been & gone, and what a weekend it was!

    Before I begin with the write up of that, a few days before the event I spotted one of my CV boots had split. This sucks, as this is the first time this has happened since installing Skyline shafts with the 15mm spacer. From the look of it though, the CV split failure was due to just age/wear rather than the pot itself exploding like all the others have done.

    Anyway, an hour later, I swapped the whole shaft over with a spare I had

    Tom, one of my sponsors at Clarity Automotive, had the car for a few hours and detailed it completely. The car was looking absolutely stunning once he had finished with it

    Then onto Saturday morning, we left at the ungodly hour of 2.30am for the almost 5 hour drive to Norfolk Arena. The drive up was pretty uneventful, just boring & long! After unloading, Tom gave the car another once over to get the grime off, and I was ready for practice.

    For practice, they split the field up into 2 groups with about 25 drivers in each group. They then sent group A out on track first for their 2 hour practice session. I was in the 2nd group, so I got to chill for a while & to watch how the first group were doing.

    2 hours later, along came my practice session, and it basically went awful! I sucked, or at least I think I did. I just couldn't get to grips with Clip 1, the track surface sucked, and I just wasn't really enjoying it. I came in a few times to adjust pressures & to check on the car, but nothing much seemed to help!

    After that, came qualifying. I wasn't nervous really at all, as I had it in my head that I was almost certain doomed to not qualify, but I set out anyway. My 1st was was "average" I thought, but my 2nd run was much better. That was, all up until I spun it! Here's a video :)


    Everyone came in for the results, and to my surprise my name was called out for 5th position! Amazing!! Straight after, I jumped into my car and I was the 1st battle of the day. I was paired with Seb Scott in his pink R34. Seb drove well and wasn't far away, I don't think he made any mistakes on his chase, but my chase was closer & I was given the win to proceed to the Top 16!

    And here's a video


    After everyone else did their Top 32 battles, my Top 16 battle came along and I was against Charles Funnell in his R33. Charles drove so well considering he didn't even have his car running 24hr before! However he made a couple mistakes, so I was told on his chase, and my chase & lead were on point, so I was lucky enough to push through the Top 8!

    Here's a video of that run


    Things were really starting to flow now, getting into the swing of it. The car was absolutely on point, faultless & was running great. My driving had improved massively and I was now pretty comfortable with the circuit & how my car was driving.

    Onto the Top 8, I was going against a great looking Rocket Bunny s13 piloted by Shay Kavanagh. It was a great battle, Shay drove really well. I shallowed quite badly on my chase at clip 5, and luckily for me, the judges called an OMT. I didn't make the same mistake twice and pushed hard, luckily to proceed onto the Final 4 battle!

    And again, here’s the video including the One More Time


    I was getting pretty tired by this point, and also had to do a very quick tyre change, and I think my driving suffered because of this. My Final 4 battle I was paired up with 2nd place qualifier Matt Walker who had been dominating all day in his BMW E30. I got extremely close at some points during my chase, but unfortunately I overrotated on my lead, handing the win to Matt. Was a great battle for the crowd though, and Matt sure can pedal that E30! Hats off!

    And again, here’s a video of that run. You can see my mistake on my lead, as soon as my rear tyres hit that outer edge of the track, I’m a passenger!


    Then, without barely time to catch my breath, I was up for my last battle of the day - 3rd and 4th place battle with Rich Dalby-Smith in his CA powered s13. I've driven with Rich on a number of occasions, so it was great to battle with him in a competition. We both pushed hard & both made little to no mistakes, so I wasn’t sure who would take the 3rd place on the podium

    And here’s a video of the 3rd/4th place battle with Rich


    Myself and the other Top 4 finishers lined up on the track with the crowd clapping! It was a surreal moment to take my helmet off, step out of my car & for the crowd to be taking photos, videos & to hear my name over the PA system! I had no idea what to do or say, and I was absolutely knackered, so I probably looked a little strange!!

    A few minutes later, the crowd & us lot made our way down the front, and Ian Waddington (the commentator for the day) started chatting about the amazing driving that everyone laid down. I was stoked to have gotten this far, but was my last chase good enough to take that 3rd spot? As I was thinking this, Ian called out my name for 3rd place!! So happy with that result, and hats off to my friends, team & sponsors that came down to help & support me!

    I said a couple words (I also had no idea what to say lol), the other guys were placed with Matt Walker (E30 driver) in 2nd, and a very well deserved 1st place to Jamie Owen who absolutely dominated all day in his s14a. We all got the obligatory champaign and of course sprayed it everywhere!

    Such an amazing experience & a really great day out. What started off with something I was not enjoying ended on such a high, it was a mixed day of emotions for sure! The drive home seemed to take weeks, and I eventually got my head down on my own bed again at about 4.30am, so 26 hours of being awake! Phew!

    What’s even more exciting now is that the Top 4 finishers of Driftcup Round 1 get the chance to drive in BDC Pro-Am for Round 2 up at Knockhill! Driftcup is now the feeder-series into the BDC, so I’m really pumped for that! The car (and myself) needs some extra safety equipment, but its nothing too major! BRING IT!
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-04-29 10:12:18
    Since drifting last month (has it been that long already!?), I've mostly been pretty damn busy with other things, other than the car. But over the past week or so, things have started to pick up with it again and I've got some progress to share at last!

    One thing I was noticing straight away after drifting was the smell of gearbox oil, I suspected the gearbox output oil seal was knackered, so I order a couple from Nissan (spares), and set about replacing that. My buddy Stu did all the work, as usual haha.

    Cleanest gearbox output/prop ever? I wonder how long this'll stay like this... lol

    Another thing that we found was the sump was leaking from the back edge. The issue seemed to be with how the baffled sump was sitting in relation to the lower splash guard(?). While on the ramps we had the idea that we could remove it and fold down 1 of the edges to make it fit snug in the baffled sump, so we did this and re-fitted.

    Good to see the pickup still 100% spot on :) - its a VVT pickup too.

    Cleaned up the mating surface of the sump

    Then re-fit

    Along with a new oil filter & new oil, she was up & running again, not smelling of oil & not leaking any either! Winner.

    This weekend just gone I've put some miles on her and really enjoyed driving the car around again. Really great fun! Of course, gave it a bit of a clean as well

    On Sunday, fellow Throwdown driver Ryan, finally got his s14 Zenki up & running as well, and we went for a bit of a drive together. Was great having both cars working again after a long winter indeed

    Then yesterday, back to my mate Stu's workshop to do something I've wanted for quite some time now - a hydro handbrake! In around 5 years of drifting, I've never had a hydro, so this is all new to me. The position I'd decided on for the hydro meant that the stock handbrake had to be shifted out of the way, so this was the 1st job


    Captive nuts welded in the tunnel

    Done :)

    Then, along with quite a lot of faffing around, we finally got the bracket in place, welded it to the tunnel & got the lines done. I didn't really take any photos of the bracket itself which is a shame as its pretty sexy, but the position of the hydro itself is the important part.

    I'm stoked with how it feels in the car. It doesn't hit anything at all, even with the seat moving back & forward on the runner, and with the steering column adjusted up & down, and with the wiper stalk on & off, it still has plenty of room around it for a hand to grab onto!

    It'll certainly take me some getting used to, having a handbrake in an upright position instead of horizontal, but its worth me getting used to it as its a lot easier to go between gearstick > hydro > wheel & back with it positioned like this.

    Another worry of mine is if the hydro will actually work. I've read & heard of so many people saying their hydro's don't do anything, so I was a little apprehensive. That feeling disappeared immediately on the first pull of it! It locks up incredibly easily & very well indeed.

    Now I can't wait to get on track! Bring on Driftcup Round 1! :)
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-03-31 13:33:43
    Well, my first drift day of 2015 was last week, I suppose I should update this a little!

    Before I get onto the talks about Santa Pod, a few days before I swapped out the old oil cooler for the new Mishimoto cooler & new AN10 fittings. It wasn't too much of a problem, even doing the AN10 fittings in-situ rather than on a bench. About an hour later, it was all done.

    I also finally got round to installing a proper catch can, along with AN10 fittings on that too

    Then went for a bit of a drive, and got the car washed & detailed by my sponsors Clarity Automotive (clarityautomotive.com)

    A couple days before the drift day, I did an overall spanner check, along with filling both inner & outer driveshaft CV's with a little more grease, as they're starting to knock & clunk a little. Hopefully doing this will preserve their life a little longer before I replace them both.

    In the evening I popped down to a local vehicle wrapping, t-shirt printing & sticker company Customised Graphics (customisedgraphics.co.uk) and got a couple stickers added on the door to rep' Clarity Automotive a little better. Really pleased with the outcome

    If you might notice, the drivers side has the logo reversed, so the logo reads from the front to the back of the car on both sides - just like a lot of drift car graphics read in Japan. Also, the stickers are in chrome for that extra snazz :)

    Then, onto the drifting last Wednesday! What can I say? The car is ULTIMATE to drive! Its so nice having that little bit more power, and the TD06 turbo doesn't seem to have anywhere near as much lag as what I was expecting! Its just unbelievable.

    Here's a collection of photos from Blackett Photography (Ian)

    I think I must have hit one of the "Pod bumps" right at the perfect second on this photo, as the car looks slammed here! Suspension rebound just a split second after a bump I guess!

    Almost straight away too, I got into some twinning with my fellow Throwdown driver, Adam, in his BMW e36. It was a blast to drive with him again

    And here's some more photos from my buddy Dan Martin, who was also there shooting for most of the day. Again - fantastic photos :)

    And finally, I also did some twinning with Dave Knowles in his 500bhp+ SR powered s15. Car sounds insane!

    All in all, the car was basically faultless the entire day, which I am so stoked about. I really enjoyed it, and got pretty used to the new power by the end of the day.

    The only issue that started to arise was it seems either my downpipe or my wastegate gasket is blowing slightly, which is a real pain. I've yet to investigate further, but I'm hoping its not a huge job to fix either way!

    And of course, videos!

    Solo driving 2 laps

    Some twinning with Dave Knowles in the s15 and Rich Dalby-Smith in the s13

    And finally, some twinning with Adam in his e36
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-03-17 12:04:50
    After posting yesterday that I had no photos of the door cards I cut at the weekend, I remembered I snapped one on my other camera

    As I said in my previous post, quite pleased with how they've come out. I will be changing those 2 chrome bolts for black ones though, as that will look a little nicer. Other than that, I am pretty pleased with how the interior has turned out.

    Also a quick snap of the engine bay in its current form, just because I had my camera out

    Then last night, I popped up to Nispro Performance for the road map. As I said in my previous post, I had been experiencing some issues with overboosting and/or fuel cut issues. It seemed to be related with the crisp cold air running through the intercooler/engine bay, and my turbo seeming to be somewhat more prone than normal to overboosting in changing weather conditions.

    Anyway, the 2 hour drive up was fairly uneventful. A quick check over the car, and myself and Walton of Nispro climbed into the car and we set off. Not first before he ran some checks on his laptop and perfected the cold start & cold idle.

    The things he could do with that laptop were crazy, really impressive stuff. Not that I understood any of it!

    Then we got onto the road mapping. After about an hour of driving around, all was perfect! The power delivery now is a lot more progressive and controllable! Its still brutally fast, but it doesn't have quite the same punch-in-the-face impact that it did before, which is good! Also the off boost & low down power is really impressive as well.

    A fuel & stack stop on the way back, had to grab a couple of photos

    I'm stoked with how well the car drives now. I will get some videos ASAP! Overall though, just amazing to drive, I love it! A huge thanks to Nispro for making this thing fly!

    Next up will be swapping out the current oil cooler and the fittings attached to it, as its leaking oil for some reason. Somewhat annoying since the hose, fittings & cooler are all brand new, but perhaps its because the cooler & fittings were cheap eBay items.

    That should solve all those issues - Torques AN10 forged fittings & a 10 row Mishimoto cooler. Fitting this, along with an oil catch can & a nut/bolt check throughout, and I'm basically ready to hit Santa Pod drift day on the 25th! I cannot wait :)
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-03-16 11:04:43
    Absolutely TONS of work & time spent on the car over the past week or so, so much to the point that I'm barely having time to take photos of what I'm doing with it! Haha

    Last week almost every evening I was working on the car, as I had booked in for an MOT at a mates garage. This meant getting the final bits & bobs sorted for MOT, such as side lights, etc. I fixed all that stuff up, then gave the car a decent clean as it was pretty horrible

    Lights were done & all working

    Then Wednesday morning came around, time to drive it to MOT. I was pretty nervous, not only because its the first time I've really driven it, but also I was driving it a good half hour away to an MOT garage, so not the most local. Of course I had insurance, but no MOT or road tax on the car, so I was worried I would get pulled by police or something.

    Luckily, however, it all went to plan. The drive there was interesting to say the least! I had a couple of "blips" on the loud pedal down the motorway, and the sheer power is INSANE. I honestly did not expect it to be quite as brutally fast as it is!! I couldn't stop smiling the whole journey!

    I dropped the car off at the MOT, then a couple hours later, the car had past. Awesome :) However, there was a running problem with the car. I was on the phone to my mate who we had planned would be driving it back to me once he finished work. The car was cutting out, etc. My mate identified an issue with the alternator and/or related wiring, but managed to limp home with a spare jumper battery in the boot.

    Once back home with me, we fixed the problem fairly easily. I was of course thinking it was a dead alternator, but infact it was a couple of hand-tight bolts in the fusebox! It looks like I forgot to tighten them, and they just so happened to be the main power & starting wires for the whole car, oops!

    With that fixed, and with road tax bought, she's now fully legal! I went for a drive that evening. Again just WOW. Its absolutely brutal.

    After a couple of evening drives, I got a little more used to the power, and one thing I was noticing is that I was hitting some kind of fuel cut issue, and my Apexi boost gauge was reading waaaaay above the 0.9 bar boost that Nispro had set. I wasn't sure if my gauge was reading incorrectly, or if indeed it was overboosting.

    I rung Walton at Nispro to explain the problem, and he said straight away "you need a road map!". After a call with him, I made the decision to swap over the crappy restrictive back box for a better one I picked up for free a few days previous. As it's all welded together as one piece, I popped up to my mate to get him to do some welding

    A couple hours later, it was all done. Its a LOT LOUDER! But its not too bad. Certainly not as loud as shotgun-style exhausts, which I don't really like anymore. I wanted to keep it looking the same as it did, and I think it does. The position of the backbox is almost exactly the same as before

    Before I left his workshop too, we also swapped out gearbox oil for some Shockproof stuff. At a hope that it gives my SR gearbox a fighting chance :)

    Then yesterday, I spent the day doing mostly interior stuff. I took no photos the whole day which sucks, but both door cards have been carefully cut & now fit around the rollcage quite neatly. I've also got the passenger seat in, harnesses in, and centre console.

    And after a drive again last night, it feels a lot nicer having those small interior comforts in. I don't really like the complete stripped out race-car look & feel. I must be getting old! :)

    So, with that all said and done, tonight I am off to Nispro for a road map! I can't wait!
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-03-02 18:29:28
    So, finally the week without my car has come, been & gone! I dropped the car up to Nispro in the safe hands of Walton Smith on the 21st, and last weekend I picked the car back up again. Was very pleased that the car was only up there for 7 days, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Minimal time spent sat around, maximum time sat on my driveway so I can finish it off & get driving!

    The good news is that its all done, running perfectly, and has been mapped! Of course I ran into some issues though.

    It was nice to grab a quick photo of my tow car & the s14 sat on idle before loading onto my trailer. I left the s14 running on idle for a good 15 minutes with no issues at all. Great to hear it being alive once again!

    Once I got it home, I had a good look around on what Walton had done. There was numerous things he had to do to get the car working, some of which I knew about, and some I didn't. There was 3 modifications he made to the intercooler pipework. The first 2 on the cold side - idle control valve intake & sensor I believe. The hose he's used isn't my ideal choice, so I'll be swapping that soon :)

    The other mods included a pressure take-off from hot side intercooler pipework near turbo outlet, and a temporary "breather hose" which, as you can see, goes to no where at the moment. I spoke to him about what he'd recommend in the way of a breather setup, and I have some ideas, so that'll be improved shortly

    Walton mentioned he was going to do a "semi wire tuck" in & around the inlet plenum. Nice to see that he did this, as it really cleans up the bay a lot.

    But the big question was, what power? Well it came out at 384bhp and 355ft/torque, which I'm pretty pleased with! What's more surprising is that it achieved this at a mere 0.9 bar of boost! Now, I'm not sure if that's down to a certain somewhat optimistic dyno, or something else, but either way it'll be fun to drive with somewhere around that kind of power!

    Why 0.9 bar? Simply put, Walton has identified a restriction in the exhaust system. As soon as he said it I was certain it would be the downpipe that I had fabricated, but he was sure it was the back box. After a closer look myself, it absolutely is. I somehow didn't notice this before, but the back box has some kind of a bung welded (very badly) inside it! Walton cranked it to 1.1 bar on the dyno, but it made barely no difference in power, hence 0.9 bar boost at the moment.

    My instant reaction was "angle grind it off!", but of course as Walton pointed out, this being a map sensor (Link G4+ ECU), making the exhaust less restrictive without re-mapping will cause overboost and it'll lean out. Which will be game over. For now, I'll run the car like this. I'm hoping to get an MOT on it perhaps next week, along with going to Santa Pod for a DWYB 25th March. After that, I will visit Nispro again for a road map, once the stupid back box I have at the moment is removed!

    Another issue Walton run into was the thermostat. He said it wasn't working, so yesterday I got to work removing the old one. 20 minutes later I could easily spot the issue!

    Which was replaced with a brand new Mishimoto 68*C one

    That, along with a small oil leak from one of the AN10 fittings, is basically the only issues that Walton found whilst on the dyno! Overall I'm really happy with how everything has turned out. There are some changes to be made to the wastegate, exhaust manifold, downpipe & exhaust system for sure, but for now I'm pumped to get back behind the wheel ASAP!
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-02-16 10:27:48
    Ok, more progress yesterday. The car is basically now ready to drop down to Nispro's this coming Saturday! I'm really pleased with how its come together and glad that I don't have to rush to do that much this week.

    Firstly, a small detail, but alas something that looks really great. I added some gloss black vinyl wrap to the forward sections of the upper door bars on the rollcage, to help prevent scratching when getting in & out. The scuff protection is an idea I had last week, and I think it looks great. Little details like this I love

    Then onto the interior. I wanted to make a plate up for the battery kill switch & to mount some other things to it. Ages ago I bought a sheet of anodised black aluminium to do this job with. And I'm stoked with the outcome, super neat

    The other switch bottom right is my forward facing brake light mounted at the top of the windscreen. Ability to turn it off for street driving

    These things, along with bolting up a bunch more interior parts, means most of the dashboard is in now. I've left the carpet out for now as I know Walton at Nispro will be doing various bits of wiring & ECU-related jobs. I thought it would make his life easier with no carpet.

    The only other thing outstanding that I had to do yesterday was to fit up the oil feed & drain lines. I made these lines up myself a few weeks ago, and I was glad to see they were just as easy to install in-situ as they were when the engine was out the car. Awesome :)

    Super excited to drop the car down to Nispo on Saturday. Its been a long wait, but its finally coming around. Extremely apprehensive, but also very excited!
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-02-11 13:26:55
    Another fairly big update! It seems things are really starting to fly now. Though they need to be as its less than 2 weeks until I drop the car down to Nispro for engine first-start & mapping!

    Last night I popped down to see my buddy who does most of my fabrication & welding work. We set about finishing off the downpipe and exhaust system entirely. Originally the idea was to fit a v-band clamp somewhere in the downpipe to make it easier (possible) for me to remove the downpipe without being on a ramp. However, after a lot of thinking & looking the downpipe is *SO* tight to firewall & wastegate, that the v-band clamp would probably barely fit and be of any good use. So we didn't bother at all.

    Instead, we set about sorting the rest of the system out. I wanted as little flanges as possible on the system, like my old exhaust, so it can't catch on anything on the ground. Most important one was this one here, near diff.

    Whilst cutting this out, we also re-positioned the mounts & back box slightly too, as I wanted the rear can to sit higher. Tack welded in

    Then he cracked on welding it

    We also added a "skid plate" to the back of the can, so in the idea that it'll skip/slide over rough bits on the ground rather than getting caught on that harsh edge of the backbox

    Next up was adding in the flexi. I really wanted the flexi to be added into the downpipe, so there would be zero chance of it ever hitting the ground, but the space is so damn tight, it just wasn't possible. So I settled with it being roughly where the decat/cat would have been

    These couple photos gives you an idea on how little room there is around this area. The wastegate is a Greddy Type R 48mm I believe, and the position of the pipe & flange off the manifold makes things really awkward.

    Anyway, with the flexi welded on, there was just 1 thing left to do which I've wanted for a long time...

    We managed to get the Circuit Sports exhaust valve fitted in such a way where the bracket won't ever touch the ground. This is a big winner for me, as hopefully now I can have a somewhat quieter car when parking up at my house (neighbours don't go much on the car!)

    With that in place & bolted up tight (this being the ONLY flange on the entire system), it was basically all done!

    The flange & flexi are both pretty much in line with each other. From looking at my old exhaust, I didn't really scrape too much around this area. Most of the scraping was always near the diff, so I'm hoping the flexi lasts a while being in the position it is

    With the car back down on the ground, it really started to look decent. Very happy with how it looks & how the can sits :)

    Though doing this last night has defiantly pointed out some issues & improvements that I'd like to make in the future. I think I'd like the manifold changed so the wastegate sits in a different location & is v-band mounted. I think I'd probably also change the wastegate entirely to a smaller & more modern unit. By doing this, there would be ample room to have a larger downpipe fabricated, with a flexi, and with a v-band, allowing easy removal.

    But as time is so tight at the moment (and I just want to drive the damn thing!) The setup I've got at the moment will have to do.
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-02-09 10:21:09
    Absolutely tons of progress this week & weekend! Firstly, I'll start off with the oil cooler lines. These are now all done and all of them (bar 2) are tight. Making up the lines was pretty easy and certainly got a lot easier the more I did of them. The nylon overbraid AN10 hose is great to work with

    Nice & neat :)

    Then onto the power steering line from pump to reservoir. The routing I took was via the original side mount intercooler holes in the chassis leg, worked pretty well. Then wrapped a section of it in split conduit tubing to protect against the metal edges

    Onto Saturday, a mate of mine came over & helped me finish off spraying the rollcage (which, by the way, is very very difficult with all the glass still in place). Once we had the rollcage painted, we worked into the night and managed to get the dashboard in. This was a nervous moment for me as I really didn't want to cut too much of it away! I think we did a pretty neat job in the end

    Not too much cut away. I'll be tidying up the edges & gaps with something, just to make it look nice & neat. I'm not sure how or what yet, but will figure something out!

    Then on Sunday I trailered the car over to another mates workshop who is a really talented tig welder, and he fabricated up the intercooler pipework for me. He started on the cold side & got straight to work tacking in place, once the pipework was cut where we both wanted it

    Then to his bench to tig up properly

    In what seemed like no time at all, the hot side was done too

    The last thing to do was to chuck on the air filter. The bit of tube I bought was too long, so he chopped off each end until it was a perfect fit.

    Really happy with that! :)

    I was half expecting to be there watching him weld for hours, but by around 2pm we were all done! I pushed the car out to his driveway and gave the car a bit of a wash. The first time its seen a mitt & bucket in about 4 months!

    Engine bay looking really great now, I'm stoked with how its coming together :)

    This week I'll be getting the downpipe & exhaust modified a little more & finalised at last. Then this weekend will be the last weekend until I drop it down to Nispro.

    I'll need to bolt up the turbo, wastegate & downpipe properly using metal locking nuts, fit Mikalor clamps around all intercooler hoses, fit the steering wheel & seat, and that should be about it!

    More updates soon! :)
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-01-30 11:50:29
    Another fairly progressive week on the car. A few nights ago I decided to work on the car as the weather wasn't too bad, although working on a driveway in the middle of January is not ideal, but I made the most of it and cracked on as time on the car is getting a little tight.

    I have a priority jobs list of todo's on the car now, and the #1 on the list was finishing off the oil cooler brackets and getting the cooler mounted for good. This job is now done, and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

    I was going to make up some brackets for the bottom tabs too, but there's actually no point. The cooler is just about the right depth to sit in the cross member ridge between the rad support & centre support bar.

    Second job was to finish sorting fuel filter bracket & the fuel feed & return lines. These jobs are both done now

    Then onto the oil filter relocation plate which will be housing my Apexi gauge oil pressure & temp senders. I wanted the neatest way possible for the sender wires to reach the bulkhead, and going over the top of the arch was the best option. The tyre won't ever munch into them as they're so high up. I may pop a couple of P-clips in too, just to be safe.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with how its coming on. Looking a lot more complete in the bay now

    Then in the latter half of this week, packages started arriving at my door. Firstly, the rest of the AN10 fittings & hoses to complete the oil cooler setup. And a new air filter to match the ID of the turbo (80mm)

    And then today, the new intercooler pipework. Obviously this will be all chopped up, cut & welded, which will be happening next weekend by a mate of mine

    Cannot wait to get the intercooler pipework fabrication out of the way. After that's done, it'll defiantly start looking more complete! For now though, next up will doing the oil cooler lines, and doing the "hard wire fuel pump mod". Feels like its getting so close now! :)
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  • 1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    1996 Nissan Silvia s14 Navan K's

    Former car - no longer own this car
    106 updates 49 followers 118 mods
    2015-01-25 16:36:06
    Ok, so a fair few things happened since the last update. Firstly I've been to Las Vegas & back haha! I went for a work trip which mostly just turned into a giant party, gambling & strip club long weekend. However, whilst I was away having fun, a good mate of mine was slaving away on my car, finally getting the engine actually in the car!

    The day before I left for Vegas, I dropped the car down to him. Looking a little sorry for itself here! I badly need to get that drivers wing on. And maybe give the car a wash?!

    The new clutch, freshly skimmed flywheel & my old gearbox were all hooked up & went on perfectly I was told. I took a picture of the clutch before I dropped it down to him too, as I hope I won't be seeing this for a while

    Once I got back from the USA, I collected the car & almost everything was done. Engine in, gearbox in, radiator in, coolant in, turbo manifold on & torqued. My buddy has also made me a custom downpipe too, which by all accounts, a right ass to fabricate. The main issue being that the wastegate was in the way. The downpipe has been made, but its not finished yet. I'm going back in a couple weeks to improve things, so more photos of that soon.

    Then yesterday I got back into the swing of things properly, with the help of another mate of mine. He came over to measure up for intercooler pipework fabrication as he's an absolute beast at TIG welding. I'm taking the car to his workshop also in a couple weeks, once the parts arrive.

    It was nice to see the engine & turbo sat correctly in the car for the first time in daylight though

    I fitted the rad cowling & fan back on as that wasn't done, then set to work on the other outstanding priorities - Oil cooler mount & working out which AN10 fittings I will need to order.

    We worked through until about 8pm in the freezing cold on the driveway doing various bits. I've mounted the oil filter relocation plate, the fuel filter bracket all whilst my buddy was fabricating oil cooler brackets.

    I must have been busy as that's the only photos I took basically! But great progress either way, and at least I know what to order up now.

    Next along will be finally finishing off the oil cooler brackets, and then making up the AN10 lines. I need to make sure I'm 100% happy with the oil cooler placement before making the lines up, but where we've mounted it is looking pretty decent I think. More photos & updates soon! Feels like its getting so close now!
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