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2.0 SR20DET

Purchased just around the corner from me, just wanted to weld the rust and do a few simple mods, 3 years of being off the road she has developed a fair amount and is not even at 50% of what i want her to end up being

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More stats and info

Model code S14
Purchase date September 2011
Doors 2 Doors
Body type Coupe
Colour Multi
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Aspiration Turbo
Engine size 2.0 Litres
Engine position Front Engined
Driven wheels Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

Mods, Stats & Spec


  • Engine & Transmission

    • Part Shop Max HMIC
    • H-Dev Exhaust Manifold
    • Driftworks Uprated Radiator
    • Spal 12 Inch x2 Elec Fans
    • Kenlowe Fan Controller
    • Part Shop Max/Driftworks Oil filter Relocation Kit
    • Greddy OLED Boost Controller
    • Japspeed 3 Inch Elbow
    • Apex 3 Inch Downpipe + Flexi
    • Homebrew 3 Inch Sports Cat
    • Japspeed 3 Inch Type 2 Catback
    • Apexi Air Filter
    • Pigeon Mod choo choo
    • Tomei RAS Kit
    • Tomei Baffled Sump
    • A/C Delete
    • Z-Power VAG Coilpack Conversion
  • Suspension

    • BC Racing Coilovers
    • Driftworks Camber Arms
    • Driftworks Traction Arms
    • Driftworks Toe Arms
    • Uprated Tension Rod Bushes
    • Part Shop Max Solid Steering Rack Bushes
    • Cusco Front Brace
    • Cusco Rear Under Parcel Shelf Brace
    • Apex Rear Lower Brace
  • Interior

    • 1/2 Cage
    • Bride Drivers Seat
    • Black OMP 4 Point Harnesses
    • Stripped Rear
    • Stack Oil Temp Gauge
    • Stack Oil Pressure Gauge
    • Stack Water Temp Gauge
    • TechEdge Wideband
    • Motacorse Dished Wheel
    • NRG Quick Release + Short Hub
  • Exterior

    • Navan Front Bumper
    • Zenki Rear Bumper
    • Magic Aero Navan Spats
    • Magic Aero Navan Sideskirts
    • SRB Rocket Bunny Overfenders
    • Carbon Bootlid
  • Wheels & Brakes

    • XXR 530 18 Inch 8.75 ET 12 Front
    • XXR 530 18 Inch 9.75 ET 12 Rear
    • Falken XE912 225/45/18 Front
    • Falken XE912 245/45/18 Rear
    • Ksport 330mm 8 Pot Calipers Front
    • R33/Z32 2 Pot Calipers Rear
    • Full Braided Lines from BMC To Calipers
  • Planned future mods

    • Greddy TD06-20
    • Bride Passenger Seat
    • Tomei .5mm oversize pistons
    • Tomei Conrods
    • Tomei 1.5mm steel Headgasket
    • Tomei Cam sprockets x2
    • Tomei N2 Oil Black
    • Oil Cooler with Thermostatic Controller
    • Naprec Power Steering mount
    • ACL/Cosworth Bearings
    • Nismo 740cc Injectors
    • Nismo GT LSD
    • Nistune
    • ATI Crank Pulley


  • 1996 Nissan 200SX 2.0 SR20DET

    1996 Nissan 200SX 2.0 SR20DET

    2 updates 0 followers 49 mods
    2014-10-13 20:21:27
    I have done nearly 1000 miles now since i got the car back on the road in march.

    Had to fit my new ACT clutch as my old died pretty quick.
    Now winter is approaching on us, engine build can begin!

    Got the below parts and a few more ready to go on the spare block i acquired.

    A recent visit to a kerb has knocked a chunk out my back left alloy and my tracking is now FUBAR'd.

    Il start updating more with pics now i have a chance
    Update image
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  • 1996 Nissan 200SX 2.0 SR20DET

    1996 Nissan 200SX 2.0 SR20DET

    2 updates 0 followers 49 mods
    2014-04-13 22:13:44
    I now have an MOT, Tax and insurance! Ive been driving her today

    Passed the MOT with the only advisory being no rear seats because of the cage. Emissions wer good too!
    Ran the car with the boost controller off so just wastegate pressure and feels so slow!
    Got the OLED programmed now to some specs off here and runs well . Didnt get a chance to hit full boost tho. was only hitting 11 psi and not 13 like id set it to.
    Brakes are bedding in nicely. Pedal feel is good and the bite is getting better with each time i drive it.

    Slight issue is the wheels scrub everytime i go over a decent size bump or go around a roundabout with any speed. Have turned the rear dampers up which may help but il prob just raise it a tad tho.
    Also have a knock from the diff which im assuming is the bushes being dead. Had it when i got the car but forgot about it til today! Looking at replacing them when the nismo goes on.

    So tomorrow will consist of driving her about and getting used to it. Also tweaking a few bits here and ther Loving the sound when on boost. Such a raw growl!

    Also i love pigeon! Update image
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  • Planned future modsTomei N2 Oil Black
    Planned future modsATI Crank Pulley
    Planned future modsNistune
    Planned future modsOil Cooler with Thermostatic Controller
    Planned future modsNismo GT LSD
    Planned future modsNismo 740cc Injectors
    Planned future modsACL/Cosworth Bearings
    Planned future modsNaprec Power Steering mount
    Planned future modsTomei Cam sprockets x2
    Planned future modsTomei 1.5mm steel Headgasket
    Planned future modsTomei Conrods
    Planned future modsTomei .5mm oversize pistons
    Planned future modsGreddy TD06-20
    Engine & TransmissionZ-Power VAG Coilpack Conversion
    Wheels & BrakesFull Braided Lines from BMC To Calipers
    Engine & TransmissionA/C Delete