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1996 JDM Import Mazda RX7 Efini

Car image
Former car - no longer own this car

More stats and info

Model code FD3S
Purchase date February 2012
Doors 2 Doors
Body type Coupe
Colour Black
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Aspiration Turbo
Engine size 1.3 Litres
Engine position Front Engined
Driven wheels Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

Mods, Stats & Spec


  • Engine & Transmission

    • Apexi Intake Kit
    • Braided Clutch Line
    • Magnecor R100 10mm Ignition Leads
    • Uprated engine to chassis earth lead
    • Apexi Power FC & Hand Commander
    • Dragon Performance Underdrive Water & Alternator Puleys
  • Suspension

    • HSD HR Coilovers (10/9 variant)
    • Polybushed OEM suspension arms
  • Interior

    • Nardi Deep Corn 330mm Steering Wheel
    • JDM 1996 Mazda Flare
    • R-Magic Heavyweight Shift Knob
    • R-Magic PFC Commander Holder
  • Exterior

    • Tinted Rear Screen
    • Front Bumper Debricked
  • Stats & Figures

    • 222bhp, 210lb/ft at the Hubs
  • Wheels & Brakes

    • Buddy Club P1 17x9" ET20
    • Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promada 18x9.5" ET18
    • M2 AP Racing 330mm 4 Pot Front Brake Upgrade with 2 piece discs
    • Mazda 929 Master Cylinder
    • HEL Braided Brake Lines
    • ABS Delete
    • EBC Redstuff Pads
  • Extras & factory options

    • KM/H to MPH Conversion
  • Planned future mods

    • Greddy downpipe
    • KSP Engineering Cat back exhaust
    • Greddy FMIC
    • Greddy Throttle Body Elbow
    • HKS Twin Spark Ignition Amplifier & Loom
    • Hardwired Fuel Pump
    • Hardwired Ignition Coils
    • FEED unsilenced decat midpipe
    • MazdaSpeed Powerplant Frame
    • Air Pump Delete


  • Model codeFD3S
    Fuel typePetrol
    Purchase dateFebruary 2012
    Doors2 Doors
    Engine positionFront Engined
    Driven wheelsRear Wheel Drive (RWD)
    Engine size1.3 Litres
  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-09-15 16:11:17
    Taken a deposit on the car today and it'll be leaving me midweek :(
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  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-09-04 12:10:27
    Car is still up for sale, price is now £6500. A deal could potentially be done to include either a full exhaust system (Greddy Downpipe, Feed Midpipe, KSP Engineering backbox), a Greddy FMIC Kit, a Mazdaspeed Power Plant Frame or a combination of those.
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  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-08-17 13:27:43
    1996 Mazda RX7 Type RB Efini JDM Import - £6800

    Unfortunately I can no longer afford to run my RX7 due to buying a house. So here is a great example of a Japanese sports Coupe from the era of Turbo power up for grabs.

    Converted from KM/H to MP/H @ 38,632km. Now reading 40,000 on the clock, so the car has covered roughly 26,000 miles. MOT until December 2012, Tax until August 2012 (I will buy 6 months tax when I'm paid.) The car is registered with the DVLA as 1308cc, so road tax is only £135 for 12 months. The oil was last changed when I bought the car, so will require changing in 2000 miles.

    Compression results from when I purchased the car roughly 1000 miles ago. These were done by Jit off of FDUK, who has tested numerous RX7s...

    Front Rotor: 7.4, 7.4, 7.6 bar @ 250RPM
    Rear Rotor: 7.3, 7.6, 7.3 bar @ 250RPM

    Cold & Hot Starts are fine everytime, which confirms a good compression result (see videos in my Photobucket account linked below)

    Having owned UK versions of Mid-Late 90s Japanese performance cars before now, I went JDM import for one very important reason... RUST, or rather the lack of it. The chassis is very clean for a 16 year old car, with only a bit of surface rust in the sill jacking points where somebody has jacked the car up (not myself, I'm a subframe man) and a mere coat of underseal will keep it tidy underneath for years to come.

    This RX7 is a Type RB, which has the carbon effect front seats (which are far more supportive than the leather seats), is a 2+2 seating arrangement and has the Twin oil coolers. Being a 96 spec, it benefits from the updated rear lights, updated interior plastics and a bit more power over the earlier models.

    I have no history of the car from Japan, and being a bit naive about the process of buying an imported car I have no shipping documents either. All the paperwork is UK related (V5C & MOT Certificate.) The car was imported by a well known member of the FDUK forum, and he then kept it for 6 months unregistered before listing it for sale.

    It is still a Twin Turbo and has had a fair bit of cash thrown at it in the 6 months I have owned it, with the following modifications;

    Apexi Power Intake Kit
    Braided Clutch Line (came on car from Japan)
    Magnecor 10mm Ignition Leads
    Uprated engine block to chassis earth lead (came on car from Japan)
    Apexi Power FC ECU & Hand Commander (standard map)
    Dragon Performance Alternator & Water Pump Pulleys (Air Pump bypassed)
    Uprated AST cap (came on car from Japan)

    HSD HR Coilovers (In the softer 10/9 spring rates)
    M2 AP Racing 4 pot calipers with 330mm Discs
    EBC Redstuff Pads
    Braided Brake Lines
    Larger Mazda 929 Master Cylinder
    ABS Removed by Slide Motorsport

    R-Magic Heavyweight Gearknob
    R-Magic Hand Commander Cradle
    OMP Style Steering Wheel (Came on car from Japan)

    Buddy Club P1 Alloy Wheels, Bronze. 17x9" ET27. Tyres are Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 on the Front, 4-5mm tread and GoodYear Eagle Revspec RS-02 on the rear with 5-6mm tread. The wheels have some light kerbing/markings (as shown in photobucket album link.)

    The car is fitted with a Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm/Immobiliser, however it has no central locking wired up due to the door locks being cable, not rods. This was installed by Safe & Sound in Garforth, West Yorkshire who are Thatcham Approved.

    I have also replaced the battery, spark plugs, rear discs, the ignition coils, a misting headlight and sidelights and a damaged ECU cover. The air pump has been bypassed as that seized intermittantly, leading me to also have new bearings fitted into the Alternator by Auto Generators in Wakefield as a precaution. I will include blanking plates so that the pump can be removed to stop it being an eyesore in the bay. I sourced an OEM RX7 front strut brace and distress flare as they were both missing.

    The car has also recently had an alignment done by Sherburn Rubber in Sherburn, West Yorkshire.

    There are a few bad points to the car;

    A 5cm crack in the windscreen above the rear view mirror. I haven't had it replaced as I'm not covered for screens, but we can factor this into the sale.

    The car was resprayed in Japan, the front bumper and wings could do with respraying, and there is a small area of "strikethrough" between the driver's door and rear wheel that needs a touch up. There's also the odd car park ding and stone chip, but these are to be expected of a car this age. However, the car polishes up really well despite all this.

    There are no front door speakers fitted but I have some ready to fit, and the aerial needs an adaptor with 2 male ends fitting in the boot to allow that to work.

    There is also no rear fog light, however I've done the hard part of removing the interior to feed wiring to the fog switch, it just requires the rear bumper removing and wiring up, but that's not my forte.

    Occasionally the car can idle quite low (5-600rpm) after a hot start. This instantly disappears once the car is moved, and I put this down to the ECU needing a custom map.

    An air vent is missing from the interior, as is the parcel shelf. The handbrake gaitor is a little tatty. The tool kit is also no longer complete, and the driver's door card has a scuff that can only be seen when the door is open.

    All in all it's merely cosmetics letting the car down. Mechanically it's great, no weird noises, no handling issues (rear pillow bushes are a common failure, but these are in great working order), no nasty clonks or clunks, a nice tight shift and drive in general. My plans were to do the little bits required tidy it up, fit an exhaust and intercooler, get it mapped and just enjoy it.

    50 images and 4 videos can be found at the following link, please check here before asking for specific images...

    Sensible offers will be considered. Proof of insurance required for test drive, if not, you'll be sitting in the passenger seat. Please be aware I work shifts and as such may not answer the phone, leave a message and I'll reply ASAP. Car is located at YO8.

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  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-08-17 04:00:01
    Work Meister 3 piece split rims in 9.5 x 18 et24 and 10.5 x 18 et28. They are fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 245/35/18 tyres have covered approx 500 miles. The rears are Avon ZZ3's with 265/35/18 and have approx 5mm of tread remaining.

    The wheels are in wonderful condition but that's not to say they are perfect. They were refurbished by the previous owner (not sure what company he used) the centers were done in light silver colour and the dishes/lips have been highly polished almost mirror finish. There are some imperfections beneath the painted parts of the wheels where the refurbisher hasn't rubbed them down properly but this is only noticable if you stick your nose right up close to the spokes. The very edge of the wheel lips all have faint evidence of where they've had light curb rash that's been machine polished out again it's not something you'd notice unless you get right in close but I'm being as honest as I can. One wheel has a very slight nic/dent in the very edge of the rim, again it's nothing major and I've taken a pic so you can see.

    Bare in mind I've used the images from when I bought them, and they have just sat at my parent's business collecting dust since, I haven't fitted these to anything! More pictures can be obtained on Friday if required.

    Price of £1200 collected, from either LS25 or YO8. Delivery can be arranged at buyer's expense, but I WILL NOT use Paisley Freight, it will be a fully insured package using UPS via Interparcel.

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  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-08-17 03:59:22
    I'm having a big clearout, and the car will be going up for sale this weekend due to purchasing a house. Get involved people!

    As some of you will know, my RX7 ownership is coming to an end, so all my unfitted aftermarket parts & removed OEM parts are up for sale.

    Headlights. Passenger side mists up. Fitted with some Phillips Bright as hell bulbs. Sold as a pair. £40 collected.

    Greddy Cast Downpipe - Bought used, no cracks, flanges appear straight. £120 collected.

    OEM 96 Spec Indicator/Sidelight Units - Wet sanded & polished up to remove UV yellowing effect. Both mist up. Sold as a pair. Driver's side has cracked plug but will stay in place. £30 delivered.

    96 Spec OEM ABS Pump. Working when removed, still has bias proportioning valve (30,000 miles). £20 collected.

    OEM Master Cylinder. Currently has a 929 Reservoir fitted so you'd need to swap your FD one over. Covered 30,000 miles. Working when removed. £25 delivered.

    OEM 4 Pot Front Calipers (298mm). Working when removed, no seizing etc. Pads in reasonable condition. Covered 30,000 miles. £50 collected.

    OEM Front Hub. Missing one stud which had snapped, studs are easily obtainable for pittance. Covered 30,000 miles, in good condition. £30 collected.

    Genuine Greddy Throttle Body Inlet Elbow - Used. £100 collected.

    Greddy FMIC Kit with piping & hosing - Used. Requires a few brackets making up, instructions available online. Assured will work with an otherwise standard cooling system & turbo pipework setup. £250 collected.

    KSP Engineering Backbox - Used. 3"/75mm bore. No JASMA stamp so imagine it may be loud, despite 2 silencers. Very rare exhausts to come by. £150 collected.

    FEED Midpipe/decat - Used. 3"/75mm Bore. Straight through midpipe/decat. Has had hangar repaired in past. £100 collected.

    Kazama Gearknob - Used. Came with car from Japan, shows gearshift pattern on top. £15 delivered.

    Brand New OEM Twins Turbo - Downpipe gasket. £55 delivered.

    Kazama Gearknob. Came fitted to car from Japan. Displays shift pattern. £15 delivered.

    MazdaSpeed Power Plant Frame - Used. No cracks. £250 collected.

    MazdaSpeed Oil Cap - Missing O-Ring but just use the one from your existing cap. £12 delivered.

    Gates Alternator/Water Pump/Air Pump/Oil Pump belt. Never used. OEM fitment for those with airpumps still fitted. £15 delivered.

    HKS TwinPower Ignition Amplifier - Comes with HKS wiring harness, which has been modified with a relay to provide a direct 12v to the ignition coils from the battery, far more reliable than the OEM ignition wiring. £250 collected.

    Items available to collect at YO8 during evenings (unless sales run into my nightshifts), or LS25 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM. Paypal (fees require covering) & bank transfer accepted. Delivery can be arranged on items marked collection at buyer's expense. Sensible offers considered.
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  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-07-05 14:27:18
    The week started out fairly well for the car and I, with a weekend of throwing it around thanks to the alignment, I was fairly content. I even had a tiny bit of internet fame...

    Then, once again it all had to go to shit. First off, it's started idling so badly that you'd be surprised it manages to stay running, shaking the hell out of the car. Haven't looked at that yet. Then it feels a bit gutless again and the PFC has occasionally started to flash the exhaust temp light at high revs, which is annoying. The small 10mm or so crack then grew to about 40mm, so a new windscreen is probably needed now.

    I'd also grown mightily sick of my arch liners rubbing. I've chopped a load of plastic out of them today but left some in to protect key areas. Whilst at this, a small monsoon stopped action for a while...

    Noticed one of my so called "Mint" new sidelights was full of condensation, so took my old one and polished it whilst the rain bounced down. I also thought I'd fit my new condensation free headlights. That was until I found out they had no fixings with them, so I swapped mine over. All was going well until I came to refit them and found my fixings to be shagged. Then whilst trying to remove them from the new headlight, I managed smash the casing on the first one I touched, the passenger side...

    So now I've got a fucked light, and one that lets in water held on by cable ties. Quality.
  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-06-29 20:24:19
    Yesterday, I fitted the rear brakes. Well that's not entirely true, I fitted the discs only. Reason being, I couldn't bodge a tool to wind the calipers in. Luckily the old pads were still full of meat (about 7-8mm), had worn evenly and were Lockheed Delphi, so hardly some pissball brand nobody had heard of.

    About a mile later, I'd made the black paint perfectly circular!

    Today has also been a busy day. After cleaning the car yesterday, I noticed some brake fluid on the drive. So took it over to SlideMotorsport and had it on the ramp, but luckily nothing is leaking. Then I picked up a stone chip on the motorway in the windscreen :rolleyes:

    This afternoon I also managed to get it aligned. I'd put up the printout but frankly once I got home I just wanted to drink, and now I can't be bothered to scan it. It drives far better than it ever did (I was running daft camber all round ranging from -3 to -4.5!). I'll put the printout up in the near future. To make up for this, have a pre alignment image I took with my new camera midweek...

    I might get some more bits sorted this weekend, weather and beer providing.
  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-06-23 09:54:35
    Engine & TransmissionDragon Performance Underdrive Water & Alternator Puleys
  • 1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    1996 Mazda Rx7 Efini

    Former car - no longer own this car
    21 updates 18 followers 23 mods
    2012-06-23 09:54:16
    I've rebuilt it this morning. Underdrive pulleys are on, and it now runs.

    Water Pump pulley on...

    Built back up...

    Just need my blanking plates to arrive for the air pump, and also need to go get a new tyre pump as I've got a very low pressure rear tyre, and my pump decided to shit itself after 30 seconds of use!

    Was going to fit the rear brakes but after the pump failing I just thought sod it.
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