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Saved this from the banger boys before they killed it and spent 2 years transforming it to a drivable good looking car, soon to be my daily driver when i get my license! The top picture was when i first got given it for my birthday present, the bottom photo is my car after 16 months of work.

Car image

More stats and info

Model code - -
Purchase date August 2011
Doors 2 Doors
Body type Hatchback
Colour Beige
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Aspiration N/A (Normally Aspirated)
Engine size 1.1 Litres
Engine position Front Engined
Driven wheels Front Wheel Drive (FWD)

Mods, Stats & Spec


  • Engine & Transmission

    • 1117cc engine with Weber 32 carb & 4 Speed Box
  • Suspension

    • Mk1 Golf Coilovers on the front
    • Rally design -75mm lowering springs on the rear
  • Interior

    • Ghia Dash, Ghia Front door cards, Xr2 Rear quater cards, Ghia Front seats & ghia rear Bench.
  • Stats & Figures

    • 33k Miles
    • 0-60 : Probably not..
  • Wheels & Brakes

    • Factory Discs & Calipers On front
    • Factory Drums setup on rear
    • Capri 4 Spokes Wheels With 165/55/13's
  • Extras & factory options

    • Carb Farts!
  • Planned future mods

    • Faster/Bigger Engine, Strip out, Buckets and a rollcage