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Road legal Hill claimer 750cc Cable brakes the things you get on push bikes / 400kg / ash frame with ali skin yes wood/ no seat belts you crash yes your dead/

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More stats and info

Model code RTC
Purchase date January 1993
Doors - -
Body type - -
Colour Green
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Aspiration N/A (Normally Aspirated)
Engine size Less than 1.0 Litres
Engine position Front Engined
Driven wheels Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

Mods, Stats & Spec


  • Engine & Transmission

    • Magnetic Pionts
    • Steal crank /Rods
    • 800cc pistons
    • Fast road cam
    • Lightened fly wheal
    • Ali head
    • Big inlet valves
    • Pressure fed crank oil system
    • Bearing conventions to fan
    • Ali sump / chest plate
    • Bigger valve springs
  • Suspension

    • 1" lowering Kit Shockers Front axle
  • Interior

    • RPM gauge but really don't wont to now what the RPM is
    • Drill out frail for weight reduction
  • Stats & Figures

    • Poutenshall of 7000 rpm
    • 50 to 70 bhp out of an engine built in 1930 for 7 bhp
  • Wheels & Brakes

    • HA they are cable and don't work
    • Wheels are spoked rolled rims have tendances of bending the spokes on rounder bouts
  • Planned future mods

    • Lowering with better shocks and front axle braces
    • Baffles in sump to stop oil starvation on left hand terns
    • Leightoned Ali case for dynamo
    • Suspension and shocks
    • Smaller wheals for hill climbing